CCC webinar recording now available

On 29 April members of the Veracruz team participated in a Confidential Compute Consortium (CCC) webinar, introducing the project. A recording of this webinar, including the question and answer session, is now available here.

Public Zoom meetings, and a new Slack channel

We have two news items:

  1. We will now be hosting public meetings every Thursday (15:00 BST/10:00 CDT) on Zoom. These hour-long meetings are intended for technical discussion with other contributors to the project. Anybody with an interest in Veracruz is free to join these meetings, which can be accessed using this link.
  2. We have now arranged for a public Slack channel to be created for the Veracruz project under the Confidential Compute Consortium’s (CCC) workspace. This Slack channel is open to everybody and can be used for informal discussion about the project, meeting other people with an interest in Confidential Compute, scoping out new features, and so on and so forth. You can get access to the channel via this link.

Veracruz is now an adopted project of the CCC

We are pleased to announce that Veracruz is now a fully-adopted project of the Confidential Compute Consortium (CCC).

On that note, please remember to tune-in to our upcoming CCC webinar! Details can be found here.

Upcoming invited talk on Veracruz

We are delighted to announce that the Veracruz project has been invited to present at the Open Confidential Computing Conference (OC3) in early March. Derek Miller will be speaking on behalf of the Veracruz development team. We thank the organizers for their invite, and look forward to what looks to be an interesting meeting!

Derek Miller’s OC3 talk recording available

Earlier this month, Derek Miller was invited to present Veracruz at the Open Confidential Computing Conference (OC3). A recording of Derek’s talk is now available, here.

We would like to thank the OC3 organizers for inviting us to present at what was a very interesting event!

Upcoming CCC webinar

The Veracruz team have been invited by the Confidential Compute Consortium to host a webinar on the project on April 29. Further details can be found here.

Two talk recordings

Recently Dominic Mulligan and Derek Miller presented two talks on Veracruz. Dominic’s talk provided a general overview of the project, and was presented in the Hardware-aided Trusted Execution Environment Devroom at FOSDEM 2021. Derek’s talk, on the other hand, provided a more detailed look at how Veracruz handles remote attestation, and was presented at Linux Conf Australasia (LCA) 2021. Recording of the talks are available here and here, respectively.

Upcoming Veracruz talks

We are excited to announce two upcoming talks on the Veracruz project:

  1. The first, by Derek Miller, is a talk entitled Veracruz: privacy-preserving multi-party computation using trusted hardware at Linux Conf Australasia (LCA). This will be held on Monday 25th January, with a live question-and-answer session afterwards. The abstract is here.
  2. The second, by Dominic Mulligan, is a talk entitled Veracruz: privacy-preserving collaborative compute in the Hardware-aided Trusted Computing Devroom at FOSDEM 2021. This will be held on Saturday 6th February, with a live question-and-answer session afterward. The abstract is here.

Both LCA and FOSDEM are virtual events this year (with FOSDEM being free, with no registration required). We hope to see you there!

Veracruz is now an open-source project

Until recently, Veracruz was a research project developed internally by members of the Distributed Systems and Security team within Arm Research. Yesterday, we open-sourced Veracruz, and will continue further development in the open. See the main Veracruz repository for more details on the project, and how to begin contributing!